The UK TV Direct System is available in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Bahrain, Thailand, USA, Australia and many more countries. Not only will you get all your UK British & Irish tv channels to watch, but so much more, including 7 day catch-up, Video Club, Audio Club and radio stations.
The system is perfect for technophobes as we have designed the interface to be user friendly and similar to all the sky features most people are used to.

UK British TV in Spain

Movie Club

Our Movie Club is packed with movies, box sets and series so you’ll never be stuck for something to watch! We have movies to suit all ages and tastes including box office, classics, music, comedy, kids, action, crime, horror, drama, sci-fi.......

Audio Club

Packed with hundreds of albums with music from all genres; pop, electric, rock, jazz, rhythm and blues, classical, soul, hip hop, heavy metal, country, punk, reggae and disco.

Radio Stations

Many UK and Irish Radio Stations including all BBC Local Radio Stations. Keep up to date with the news and stay tuned to your favourite music all the time.



1 Month: €30.00 (€36.30 inc. IVA)

3 Months: €80.00 (€96.80 inc. IVA)

6 Months: €150.00 (€181.50 inc. IVA)

12 Months: €280.00 (€338.80 inc. IVA)

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€120.00 (€145.20 inc. IVA)
DHL delivery €50 (€60.50 inc. IVA)